Not All Carbon Fiber is Created Equal

Here at Icon Composites, we take our products very seriously. We believe that the best materials and the finest craftsmen are vital to creating the highest quality products.

Open Mold / Polyester

Typical process for cheap, imported products.

  • Polyester Styrene is toxic
  • May times, the carbon fiber is a thin layer added on top of traditional fiberglass, making the product heavier than even a traditional fiberglass part.
  • It is easy to get pulled fibers and a bad weave (see above image)
  • For cost savings, they can omit internal support structures, leaving a weaker product
  • This also makes it more prone to warping over time
  • The polyester resin is prone to have shrikage issues
  • Cheap molds can lead to poor fitment
  • Cheap clear coats have poor UV protection
  • Lower quality control can lead to exposed, or non-existant mounting tabs.
  • Thing, weak mounting tabs can be prone to breakage
  • Acuring times can vary, it is very easy to get warpage issues
  • Poor tooling can over, or under trim the piece, leading to poor fitment
  • Cheap, poor quality hardware like T-nuts and self-tapping layers can lead to messy, inconsistent mounting.
  • Cheap, thin molds can cause warping issues

Vacuum Infusion / Epoxy

The Icon Composite way

  • Epoxy resin is non-toxic
  • Special bonding agent and vacuum infusioin process minimizes necessary bonding agent and can result in parts that can be 50% lighter and stronger
    than cheaper made carbon fiber products
  • Vacuum infusion process ensures high tensile strength 
  • Thick, high-quality molds ensures OEM-level fitment
  • Where possible, all Icon products use blind, double-kneral inserts for mounting, providing strength and longevity
  • High-quality epoxy resin and clear coating offers superior UV protection
  • Where possible, added internal support structures are made from strong, light materials for increased strength
  • All Icon Composite products use OEM mounting hardware wherever possible, ensuring clean fitments
  • Exact tooling and experienced craftsmen equates to consistent, proper fitment
  • Every Icon Composites product is hand finished, wet-sanded, and buffed to a gloss finish 
  • Every part that is made undergoes our White Glove Hand Inspection process to ensure the highest quality products