100% Handcrafted Products
From Right Here in the USA

Only the Best, Certified Craftsmen

We believe that the the best people make the best parts. That is why we sought out and recruited only the most skilled craftsmen. From long-time instructors, to aerospace engineers, all our key staff have a minimum of 10 years experience and all relevant training and certifications. They know a good mold from a bad one — and how that equates to the products that are made.

We also put a huge emphasis on experience as it is the best teacher. That is why we support racing teams and others who test the limits of our products.

Proprietary Rapid Prototyping & Tooling

Apart from striving for excellence, we pride ourselves on delivering quickly. That is why we created a proprietary prototyping and rapid tooling process. Compared to traditional methods, we may be as much as 50% faster.

Small To Large Production Runs

A product doesn’t have to sell 50,000 to be successful. That is why we tailor our entire prototype-to-production process for each project we receive. Gone are the days when you needed $40,000 just to make a mold. Our methods can make profitable runs in as little as 25-50 pieces. So, go ahead and send us your idea for a product. We can guide you through the process of turning that idea into a profitable product for much less than you can imagine.

Quicker, Because We’re Local

Time-to-market is critical in today’s fast-moving world, and we realized all those weeks and months with your parts floating over the ocean makes you slower and less responsive. Especially when  trying to finalize production runs and/or fix mistakes.

So, we keep our craftsmen here in the United States, which allows us to respond far quicker than overseas manufacturers can.


Given our extensive experience, we have seen just about everything that doesn’t work in this business — from poor fitting parts, to incorrect material choices, to the wrong manufacturing processes. So, if you are struggling to bring your product to fruition, calls us, we can help.

From race teams, to well known aftermarket manufacturers — we have helped a lot of people get out of some sticky situations, and we can help you too. Just let us know what you need, and we can guide you to the best solution.